About me

My name is Mike Keith. I have a wife named Sharon and a proud father of two girls, Leah and Jenna and they are both married to fine young men Cean and Bobby. Between the two family's I am the proud grandfather of 5 grandkids, Haleigh, Haegen, Lauren, Mason and Luke. I do believe that the reason I am still here on this earth is because of the love from all of my family.

Been taking pictures a lot of years. Started back in the 60's didn't make any money but had a blast. Went threw a lot of cameras before I started my first paying job. That was with the San Antonio Gunslingers. I use to take my wife around to all the little fields and telling her this is where my future is. Shooting youth sports. She thought I was crazy. 31 years ago, I moved to Kerrville while working for the local power and lighting company I got my start. Kerrville Little was my first shoot then I got PeggyAnns and Cece's Dance and then AYSO soccer. I sure have a lot of people to thank. My first High school was Tivy then I started shooting Center Point and Ingram. From there I have 18 high schools and 14 middle schools that I take care of. Love my coaches, It has been a great ride and I would love to thank each and everyone of you that have made me successful.

So if your looking for a guy to take care of all of your sporting needs you need to know that we treat our 1A schools the same as our 6A schools. I'm always looking for a few more schools. Call me at 830-896-1524 or on my cell at 830-377-3665